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Upcoming events

    • 24 Mar 2018
    • 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis, IN

    CIWC FREE Backpacking Seminar

    March 24, 2018  9:30 am - 1:00 pm

    Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis

    The Central Indiana Wilderness Club will present a FREE backpacking class, which is open to the public, on Saturday, March 24th from 9:30 AM until 1:00 PM.  The location is the Holliday Park Nature Center (6363 Spring Mill Rd., Indianapolis, IN).

    Topics will include selecting pieces of gear (hiking boots, sleeping bags, tents, packs, clothing and accessories), learning about "minimalist" backpacking, how to "pack" a backpack, trail safety, water treatment, stoves and cooking, first aid, staying comfortable, and backcountry ethics such as "leave no trace".

    Ever wanted to try backpacking but didn't know how to get started or where to go?  This class is perfect for both novice and experienced backpackers, and a good place for anyone to pick up and share new ideas.

    The Central Indiana Wilderness Club has been offering affordable backpacking trips (as well as other adventures) since 1982.  For over 20 years the club has presented its annual backpacking class.  Come to this class and get on board to take backpacking trips as close as southern Indiana, or as far away as you can imagine.  The presenters are seasoned adventurers with experience in places such as the Appalachian Trail, The Grand Canyon, the Canadian Wilderness and more.

    Don't miss this FREE class! Contact Leslie Green ( with questions.

    The Central Wilderness Club is a not-for-profit volunteer-run club founded for the purpose of providing reasonably priced backpacking, hiking, canoeing/rafting, biking, cross-country skiing d and other wilderness adventures for members.  Membership is open to anyone with a real interest in the outdoors.

    Please RSVP (register) to help us anticipate turnout.

    • 05 Apr 2018
    • 08 Apr 2018
    • Mt. LeConte, TN

    Mount LeConte Lodge

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    April 5-8, 2018 

    Trip Leaders: Cindy Durr and Bette Hanna

    Type of Trip:   Hiking

    Cost: $335

    Cancellation Date and full payment: March 6, 2018

    Adults Only

    Maximum number: 10

    Minimum number: 10

    Wilderness Level: 3              

    Difficulty: Rugged 6-8 mile/one way, 1700-4000 elevation gain

    Join us for a wonderful weekend trip to the Smoky Mountain National Park with a hike up to the Mt LeConte Lodge for an overnight stay.  We will leave Thursday morning from Indianapolis and drive to Gatlingburg, where we will stay at a hotel at the edge of the park.  Friday morning we will take one of 5 trails up to the Lodge where we have a 2 Bedroom cabin reserved for the 10 of us.  If we are lucky we will get to see the llama caravan which brings all of the food and supplies to the lodge three times weekly. After hiking down the mountain Saturday morning, we will have time to hike in the afternoon before heading back into Gatlinburg. After an early drive thru Cades Cove for some wildlife viewing, we will head home to Indianapolis.

    The Lodge is located at an elevation of 6953 ft.  Depending on the trail you select, the elevation gain is anywhere from 1700 to 4000 ft gain over 5 to 8.2 miles.  You will be required to each have a pair of Yak Trax as there will be ice/snow on the trail at the top.

    This is an iconic trip for many, and once you have been to the Lodge, you will want to return over and over again

    • 17 Apr 2018
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Noblesville City Hall, Rm A 214, 16 S 10th St, Noblesville, IN 46060

    Wilderness Navigation Workshop

    Noblesville City Hall, Rm A 214 , Noblesville IN

    April 17, 24, 28, 2018

    (Field Rain Date April 29, 2018)

    Trip Leaders: Steve Kinch and Bob Hart

    Contact Email:

    Type of Trip:   Professionally Presented Workshop and Field Event (Jeff Ward)

    Cost: $60

    Classroom Location: April 17th and 24th, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Noblesville City Hall - Room A 214, 16 South 10th Street, Noblesville, IN.  46060 

    Field Day Location: April 28th West side of Eagle Creek Park

    Cancellation Date and full payment: March 2, 2018

    Adults Only

    Maximum number: 14

    Minimum number: 10

    Wilderness Level: 2               

    Difficulty: Technical Content for classroom work with easy to moderate hiking during the field portion.

      This will be a comprehensive and professionally presented workshop on land navigation.  Jeff Ward is a CIWC member and professional navigator.  He is offering this 3-part course to CIWC leaders who wish to advance their navigation skills and increase their confidence in the back country.  There are no prerequisites other than a strong desire to learn and to apply what you learn.  But you must commit to the entire 3-part course.  First priority for registration will be given to CIWC Trip Leaders (current and aspiring).  If the maximum limit does fill by January 20, 2018 the registration will be open to other CIWC Members.  A waitlist will be established.

      This 3-part series begins with two 3-hour classroom sessions and concludes with an all-day field practicum in a forested area applying the theory and principles of land navigation.  If the weather is dangerous or not conductive to learning on the field date, that portion will be postponed to April 29, 2018.

      The first session of the course begins with the topographic map and its use with the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system.  Following is the integration of directionality, using the compass, along with distance measurements. These elements thereby provide for determination of the Line of Position (LOP), the principle, fundamental to all position fixing.  The second session incorporates use of celestial bodies to provide direction, to be used either independently or in conjunction with the compass. Lastly awareness navigation principles are provided to complement other navigation methods. In class and field exercises are used throughout to emphasis navigation concepts.

      The field practicum consists of two parts:  The first portion is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (with an hour lunch break at 1:00 pm) and will cover the map and compass navigation, as well as sun navigation and awareness navigation. The last hour and a half of this section will test an individual’s ability to apply his/ her knowledge by navigating a wilderness course.  Then we take an extended dinner break and resume the second portion of the field practicum after sunset that evening.  The location of the field portion will be on the west side of Eagle Creek Park, on the west side of Indianapolis.  

         Materials provided will be: a USGS 7.5 Quad topo map, a Map Tools map reader, and a David Chandler Planisphere.  The student needs to provide note taking materials and an inexpensive baseplate compass by such manufacturers as Silva, Suunto, or Brunton.  Meals expense on the field day will be the participant’s responsibility.  

      • 19 May 2018
      • Butler University, 4943 Garden Rd, Indianapolis, IN

      Butler University High Challenge Course

      4943 Garden Rd, Indianapolis, IN

      Saturday, May 19, 2018 

      Trip Leader: Steve Johnson

      Type of Trip:   Challenge course

      Cost: $52

      Cancellation Date: March 19, 2018

      Adults Only (at least 18 years old)

      Maximum number: 20

      Minimum number: 12

      Wilderness Level: 1             

      Difficulty: Challenging

      We will be doing Butler University’s High Challenge Course.  The course is an interconnected group of unique bridge systems 38 to 45 feet off the ground. It includes a climbing tower, Trapeze Leap, rappelling station, cargo net, and Giant Breath-taker Swing. The High Challenge Course is designed to enhance self-confidence, self-trust, and personal growth.

      The course is physically challenging.  The “easy” way to access the course is to climb a nearly vertical carto net approximately 30 feet tall.  The course is not a good fit for anyone who has a fear of heights.

      The course includes “on the ground” safety training provided by Butler staff.  Participants are required to wear climbing harnesses and helmets.  There are redundant safety tie offs.  All rules and instructions of course staff must be followed or participants will be removed from the course.

      Once “on the ground” training is completed.  Participants can climb to the challenge and begin navigating the course.  Total time is approximately four hours.

      Participants will be required to sign a Butler provided waiver as well as a CIWC waiver.


      • 19 May 2018
      • 27 May 2018
      • Civil War on the Appalachian Trail, NC

      Civil War on the Appalachian Trail

      May 19-27, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: John Bredenkamp and Don Nelson

      Type of Trip:   Hiking, Sightseeing

      Cost: $525

      Cancellation Date and full payment: February 19, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 10

      Minimum number: 8

      Wilderness Level: 2  Forest setting with EMS help likely  being about an hour away         

      Difficulty: Moderate  

      We will be doing various hikes on the Appalachian Trail and looking at the Civil War history along the trail. A walk through a piece of the history embedded in the Appalachian Trail corridor from Underground Railroad sites to the Union occupation of present-day Hot Springs.  From northwestern North Carolina, to the roads to Antietam and Gettysburg, we will look for skirmishes with Confederate guerrilla forces and all-out battles between North and South.

      Two future presidents fought together in two of those battles. One of those Union officers was assassinated 39 years to the day after a pre-Antietam battle at Fox Gap in Maryland. Hundreds died on these lands, and hundreds more were wounded. 

      In the decades before the war, the AT clearly was one path north toward freedom for escaped slaves and a route south toward their destiny at Harpers Ferry for John Brown’s band of 1859 revolutionaries. In the decades to follow the Civil War, some of those emancipated slaves took over the lands of their former owners and developed their own, free communities adjacent to what became the A.T. by 1937.   

      We will travel along the trail, take in the historical sites and hike various segments of the trail that reveal these historic sites. Accommodations will include 2 or 3 hostel stays as well as camping/shelter nights.  The trip cost includes transportation in the van, hotel stays on first and last nights, hostel and camping fees, 6 breakfasts, and 6 dinners.


      • 31 May 2018
      • 03 Jun 2018
      • Ozark Mountains, MO

      Ozark Trail Backpacking

      Missouri Ozarks, Ozark Highlands, SE Missouri

      May 31 - June 3, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Leslie Green and Steve Johnson

      Type of Trip:   Backpacking and Hiking

      Cost: $145

      Cancellation Date and full payment: April 30, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 10

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response              

      Difficulty: Rugged - 12 miles maximum daily mileage

      The Missouri Ozarks in southeastern Missouri are part of the Ozark Highlands, an area covering nearly 47,000 square miles in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  It is by far the most extensive mountainous region between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. The Ozark Trail and the trail networks in Missouri provide a hiker’s paradise.   We will spend a few days in the area enjoying a 22 mile backpacking trip as well as exploring the Council Bluffs Lake, which will be our home base. 

      We’ll travel to Missouri on Thursday May 31, and enjoy the lake and surrounds in the afternoon and evening. Anglers are encouraged to try their luck at fishing.  There is also a trail that circumnavigates the lake.  Early Friday we’ll shuttle to the Bell Mountain Wilderness, where we’ll start our overnight backpacking trip. This is a signature hike of this region of the Ozarks. It has billion year-old rock on one end of the trip, a nice jaunt through oak/hickory forests in the middle, and gorgeous lakeside views on the other end.  Along the way we’ll also take a side trail to the top of Bell Mountain for a view of the St. Francois Mountains.


      We’ll stay at the lakeside campground our last night and on Sunday will travel to Taum Sauk State Park to complete Mina Sauk Falls trail, a 3 mile loop hike to the highest point and the tallest waterfall in Missouri.  After a post-hike meal, we’ll head back to Indianapolis for an evening arrival. The trip fee pays for travel in the club van, three campsite breakfasts, three campsite dinners, camping fees and shuttle.  Participants are responsible for meals on the road, trail lunches and snacks.


      • 06 Jun 2018
      • 09 Jun 2018
      • North Country-Manistee River Trail, MI

      North Country/Manistee River Trail Backpacking

      with 1/2 Day Kayaking - Michigan 

      June 6-9, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Steve Kinch and Janice Windes

      Type of Trip:   Backpacking and Kayaking

      Cost: $160

      Cancellation Date and full payment: May 8, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response              

      Difficulty: Moderate - 8-11 mile maximum

      Come join us on this 4-day kayaking/backpack trip in the Manistee National Forest of Lower Michigan.  We will meet at 6:00 am and drive the club van to Pine River Paddlesports Center, Wellston, MI where we will start our adventure.  We will rent kayaks for a 4-5-hour float adventure from Hoydenpyle Dam to Red Bridge takeout on the Manistee River.  We will float the same section of the river that we will hike around the next 2 days.  We can explore some of the campsites we may utilize as we float by at a leisurely pace.  We will be transported back to camp at Paddlesports campground for the first night of our trip.  We will go into Baldwin Michigan for some pizza and entertainment.

      The next morning, after breakfast, we will load the van and make our way to the North Country Trail and hike this day for 7-11 miles to find our 2nd nights camp.  The hiking will primarily be through a dense hardwood forest with a few short hills.

      The 3rd day will be the jewel of the trip.  The views from the trail will overlook the river we just paddled a few days prior.  We will have stunning vistas of the river and the forested west shore. We will cross a wooden replica of the mighty Mackinaw Bridge and continue hiking the east side of Manistee River. We will cover 8-10 miles on the 3rd day.

      The 4th day we will hike back to the van for the ride to Indianapolis.  We might cover 3-6 miles.

      The club will provide 2 dinners.  Each hiker should be prepared to carry some extra weight as we divide up the group food and equipment. Hikers are responsible for all meals in transit, and his/her breakfast each day as well as snacks and lunches on the trail.


      • 09 Jun 2018
      • 10 Jun 2018
      • Chain O Lakes State Park, Albion, IN

      CIWC Introduction to Canoe Camping -

      Chain O Lakes, State Park, IN

      June 9-10, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: John Carlson and Bob Hart 

      Type of Trip:   Paddling 

      Cost: $54

      Cancellation Date and full payment: May 1, 2018

      Adults and High School Youth, 14 or older with experience

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 2               

      Difficulty: Beginner, but some camping experience required

      • Lake Paddling: 
        • Wearing PDF required when leader directs.  
        • Warm (above 65 degrees) calm waters: very little wind. 
        • Challenges from wind & waves: mild to moderate         
        • Portages: None except for training

      This activity is designed for those who wish to learn about and prepare themselves for extended canoe camping trips out of state.  This can be a qualifier for an extended canoe camping trip.  Canoe camping is one of the best ways to experience the wilderness area as it gives you a lot of flexibility.  For this introductory event we have picked a slightly remote setting on the water but our campsite will definitely be away from our cars.  Safety will be stressed.  Participants must be able to enter and exit a canoe by crawling over packs and be prepared to swim if the canoe would swamp. 

      You will learn basic canoe strokes and safety considerations plus how to lift carry and portage a canoe.  We will demonstrate rescue scenarios in case of an open water swamp.  You will have plenty of time to practice what you have learned.  Our canoe camp will cover setting up of tents and tarps as well as how to safely secure food away from animals.  You will also learn that canoe campers eat very well – leaders will plan both dinner and breakfast meals.  Participants will be responsible for their own lunches and snacks.  More information including what gear to bring will be provided in advance of the trip.  This will be a carpool trip. 

      • 12 Jun 2018
      • 14 Jun 2018
      • Chain O'Lakes State Park, 2355 E 75 S, Albion, IN 46701

      Chain O'Lakes State Park

      Albion, Indiana

      Tuesday, June 12 - Thursday, June 14, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Jill Whelan and Doug Sherow

      Type of Trip:   Camping, Hiking, and Paddling

      Cost: $60

      Cancellation Date and full payment: May 15, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 6

      Wilderness Level: 2 - Forest setting with EMS help likely being about an hour away             

      Difficulty: Moderate 

        Join us at this unique Indiana State Park for a mid-week car camping, paddling, and hiking trip!

        We will CAMP in up to 4 adjoining Class B Non-electric sites (2 tents per site, water and modern restrooms/showers available), and share group meals and activities. If you need a tent, the Club has a few for loan.
        ACTIVITIES include day paddling through the chain of nine small connecting kettle lakes via kayak or canoe (rentals available or you can bring your own boat); hiking some of the trails, which range from easy to rugged; swimming at the lake beach;  fishing (rowboats also available for rental), and perhaps a field trip to the nearby Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site. Each participant will be responsible for his or her own boat rental fees, and PFDs must be worn at all times when on the water. Personal boats must have a 2018 DNR non-motorized lake permit sticker on them.
        In the evenings we might go on a night hike, do some star gazing, have a campfire, sing campfire songs (bring an instrument if you play one!), tell stories, and just relax among good company!
        FOOD:  Participants will provide their own lunch and trail snack items, and whatever cold drinks they prefer.  Two dinners and breakfasts and campfire snacks will be provided, as well as stoves, fuel, charcoal, firewood, ice, cooking pots, etc.
        DETAILS about arrival time, carpooling options (probably from the Walmart in Noblesville on SR 37), and what to bring along will be sent by email prior to the trip. Participants will need to send a completed medical form to the trip leader in advance of the trip. These will be brought along for reference in case of an emergency and returned to you after the trip.


        • 29 Jun 2018
        • 01 Jul 2018
        • Morgan Monroe State Forest, Martinsville, IN 46151

        Tecumseh Trail - Gourmet Edition - Part One

        Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

        June 29 - July 1, 2018 

        Trip Leader: Leslie Green

        Type of Trip:   Backpacking 

        Cost: $50

        Cancellation Date and full payment: May 29, 2018

        Adults and High School Age Youth with experience

        Maximum number: 8

        Minimum number: 6

        Wilderness Level: 2 - Forest setting with EMS help likely being about an hour away           

        Difficulty: Moderate to Rugged - 10 miles per day

          Are you looking for a challenging backpacking trip contained within a weekend?  Do you love good meals on the trial?  Join up for the first of two parts of a through hike* of the Tecumseh Trail, one of Indiana’s best long distance trails.  We will campout on Friday night at the Morgan Monroe State Forest campground. Starting on Saturday morning, we will complete the first half of the trail this week-end, which will include a hike through the rock formations, a Saturday night stay in the Low Gap backcountry, a skirt past Bear Lake, a stop at the Fox Den shelter and then on to the final climb up Indian Hill on Sunday afternoon where part one of the trip will end.

          Gourmet meals are an additional feature of this hike.  Dishes such as a full taco bar, Denver hash brown scramble, and deluxe s’mores are planned.

          To complete the full trail, also sign up for the Tecumseh Trail Part II hike on August 24-26.  The fee covers camping fees, 2 gourmet campsite breakfasts, and 2 gourmet campsite dinners. Participants will be responsible for trail lunches and snacks.

          *While our intention is to thru-hike the Tecumseh, it is possible we will need to substitute another hike, such as a Knobstone section if the logging on this part of the Tecumseh makes it impassable.  This will be determined prior to the cancellation date.



          • 07 Jul 2018
          • 14 Jul 2018
          • Glacier National Park, West Glacier, MT

          Glacier National Park

          West Glacier, Montana

          July 7-14, 2018 

          Trip Leaders: Mary Weerts and Sharon Williams

          Type of Trip:   Hiking

          Cost: $770  +Airfare

          Cancellation Date and full payment: April 7, 2018

          Adults Only

          Maximum number: 10

          Minimum number: 10

          Wilderness Level: 2-3 Emergency help usually more than 2 hrs away and no cell service           

          Difficulty: Moderate Level

          This trip to the incomparable Glacier National Park is planned as if this will be your only time at Glacier.  Hopefully you will see enough glaciers & waterfalls & such to make you want to return.

          CIWC club members will meet at the Kalispell airport, MT on Saturday 7/7/18 by 2pm.  We will stop in Columbia Falls to stock up on food & bear spray (2).  Then we’ll continue toward the park & eat dinner on the west side of the park before enjoying the spectacular views while crossing / driving "Going to the Sun" road until arriving at the east side of the park. Our first day will be to acclimate with a short hike

          We will have shared sleeping arrangements in a 6 bedroom, 3 bath house on the water at Duck Lake near the Many Glacier area. From there, we’ll have a view of the lake to the East & Glacier Park & Chief Mountain to the West.  There is a wraparound deck, grill, outdoor furniture, fire pit & chairs, boat dock (if adventurous, bring a swimsuit), cows, horses & occasional bear.  TV with CD, DVD & board games, no wifi at the house yet. Seasonal eateries & small shops are nearby.  Breakfast & dinner will be provided, lunch and trail snacks are participants’ responsibility. There will be planned meals for each day. Everyone is asked to help with cooking & "dish duty".

          The itinerary for daily hikes will be subject to trail closures due to snow & / or bear activity.

          Potential hikes are:

          • 2 Medicine Valley: Scenic Point (moderate, 7 mile, 2230 elevation, 4-5 hours),  with optional hike of Running Eagle Falls (0.3 mile),   
          • Going to the Sun hikes including Hidden Lake (moderate, 6 miles, start by 8am or after 6pm, limited parking)
          • St Mary Falls(3 miles, 230' elevation) & Virginia Falls
          • Iceberg Lake hike (moderate, 9.5 miles, 1700 elevation, 5-6 hours) discover the treasures of the glacier's interior on this vista filled hike. May walk on snow
          • Grinnel Glacier – from the Swift Current boat ride the hike is 3.8 each way to touch the toe of the glacier and 1600 ft elevation gain.
          • Other hikes in Swift Current area – Red Rock/Bull Lake/Fisher Lake (10 miles)
          • St Mary's Lake -- Waterfalls Wonder Hike (moderate, 6 miles, 5 hours)
          • Apikuni Falls hike(moderate, 2 miles, 1-2 hours)at base of Henkel mountain, long ribbon of water cascades from Natalke Lake)
          • Avalanche Lake Hike (moderate, 3 & 1/2 hours, 5 mile) journey through a majestic old growth forest to scenic Avalanche Lake.

          There will also be an optional Blackfeet Singers and Dancers at St Mary's Visitor Center Auditorium 90 minutes for a $5.00 fee.  We will spend a day at nearby Browning for the annual Northern Indian American Days (Canadian and American, from as far away as Florida), dates are set but not a schedule of events yet. We might attend dancing Thursday night (not disco!).   Plan to dress in layers and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You should be well conditioned and able to hike at least ten miles with loaded day pack to be physically prepared for this trip.   

          Price includes: Lodging in vacation home, transportation in rental vehicles, 7 breakfasts/6 dinners, and park entrance.  Airfare / travel to & from Kalispell is not included. Meals 7/7 and 7/14 are on your own.  Dependent upon your return flight to Indy, you may also require a Saturday night stay near the airport that is not included.  It is also recommended that you purchase bear spray.  This may be a shared group cost not included in the price.

          • 13 Jul 2018
          • 15 Jul 2018
          • Potato Creek State Park, 25601 State Road 4, North Liberty, IN 46554

          Potato Creek State Park Bicycle Weekend

          July 13-15, 2018 

          Trip Leaders: John South and TBA

          Type of Trip:   Biking

          Cost: $71

          Cancellation Date and full payment: June 10, 2018

          Adults and family members

          Maximum number: 8

          Minimum number: 7

          Wilderness Level: 1               

          Difficulty: 20 miles minimum a day 

          • Biking:
            • 20 miles minimum a day
            • Will structure rides based on participants abilities  
            • 10-12 mph
            • Relatively flat
            • stay on county roads with short sections on state highway

            This weekend event will be held at Potato Creek State Park about two and a half hours north of Indianapolis. Each person will be expected to travel to the site with their own car or carpool with others that are attending. Four campsites will be reserved in the modern campground( 2 tents per site) to accommodate our group. Electricity and warm showers will be available. Potato Creek SP has a nice bicycle trail, mountain bike trail, fishing lake , beach, boat rental and hiking trails. 
            The proposed schedule is Friday supper on your own with evening snacks provided around the campfire. After a good Saturday breakfast we’ll plan to bike ride 20 to 40 miles. Mileage and route will be determined by the composition of the group. Lunch will be on your own. Saturday afternoon will be spent enjoying the park. Dinner and evening snacks will be provided. Sunday we’ll rise and bike ride to a local café about 5 miles away for breakfast. After breakfast we’ll ride for 15 miles back to the campground. Sunday lunch will be provided. Sunday afternoon will be enjoying the park. Check out is 5:00 pm.  Each person will need to provide their own transportation and bicycle and camping gear. The club will provide the cooking equipment and food for Friday snack, Saturday breakfast, supper and evening snack and Sunday lunch. Each person should be comfortable riding 20 miles, have a helmet and a bicycle in good working order

            • 27 Jul 2018
            • 29 Jul 2018
            • Amishland & Lakes, 805 E 075 N, LaGrange, IN 46761

            Amishland & Lakes Bike-Camp

            LaGrange IN

            July 27-29, 2018 

            Trip Leaders: Lisa Forester and Sharon Williams

            Type of Trip:   Biking, Camping

            Cost: $70

            Cancellation Date and full payment: June 27, 2018

            Adults and High School Youths

            Maximum number: 8

            Minimum number: 7

            Wilderness Level: 1         

            Difficulty: Bike at your own pace

              This bicycle tour is sponsored by Michiana Bicycle Association.  The tour offers a 2 – 3 day bike ride along with camping. We will participate in 2 days of biking and camping. Saturday  5 routes will be available offering  22 – 100 miles. Sunday 4 new routes will be offered ranging from 23 – 50 miles. Each participant can choose which route they would like to ride on both days. The routes will offer Amish country and lakes as well as the Pigeon River Nature Area. Along the routes will be their famous SAG stops offering food including watermelon, peaches, blueberries, cherries, bananas and fresh baked cookies. Also along the route Amish bakeries, restaurants and homemade ice cream parlors will be available for riders to sample homemade cooking.

              Facilities will be available for post ride restrooms and showers. Camping will be offered at registration.

              There are two separate registrations:   Participants are responsible for self registration. 


              Register  for the CIWC trip which includes transportation for self and bike to and from the tour event,  two breakfast and one dinner.


              After  registered with CIWC and on the ‘go list’ then  register  for the bike ride and also a camping spot.   Then send your  registration confirmation for both the bike tour and camp reservation to You will then officially be on the ‘go list.’  If you are on the waitlist with CIWC  and want to participate with the group I highly suggest  not to  register  for the bike tour nor the camping until a spot opens up. In which case you will be notified.

              Participants are also responsible for:

              1)      Dinner in route to the event Friday evening.

              2)      Lunch on Saturday.

              3)      Lunch on Sunday, ( we may choose to stop for food on return route (depending on time frame)

              4)      Snacks and water for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

              5)      Bike and Helmet  ( CIWC Policy requires a helmet  worn on all CIWC trips)

              Camping tent  (one may be borrowed if arrangements are made prior with leaders)

              • 02 Aug 2018
              • 05 Aug 2018
              • Smoky Mountain National Park, Townsend, TN

              Fly Fishing/Hiking in the

              Great Smoky Mountain National Park

              August 2-5 2018 

              Trip Leaders: Dennis Wright and TBA

              Type of Trip:   Fly Fishing, Hiking

              Cost: $390

              Cancellation Date and full payment: June 1, 2018

              Adults Only

              Maximum number: 8

              Minimum number: 8

              Wilderness Level: 2               

              Difficulty: Moderate Level (600 ft Elevation change)

                Join us for the first CIWC Fly Fishing/Hiking Trip. The Smoky Mountain National Park has some of the best wild trout fishing (brook, rainbow and browns) in the Southeastern US.

                2 Professional Fly Fishing guides Ian & Charity Rutter (authored 4 books on trout fishing) of R&R guide service (the most professional guide service in the smoky mts.) on Sat will provide a full day of trout fishing in the Mountains plus lunch.  This trip is for the advanced and beginner fly fishers.

                We will meet at 12 noon on 8/2/18, and drive to Townsend, TN. Dinner will be at a local restaurant ( at your expense ). We will stay at the Riverstone/Annie’s House/motel (double occupancy, separate beds). The deck overlooks the trout stream, the yard has lawn chairs, fire pit, swimming pool (bring swimsuit), picnic tables. Annie’s House has TV’s and full cooking facilities. The temperature, varies in the 80’s (day), 70’s (night), bring bug spray, hiking shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Rain gear, just in case. Water bottles & water will be provided, as well as 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 2 dinners (CIWC prepared). Bring snacks for hikes. Evening “camp” fires. Creek stomping if desired. 

                Friday will be hiking as a group to Abrams Falls (5mile loop), maybe see some bears with cubs. lunch will be hot dogs cooked in the park then explore Cades Cove

                Saturday will be a split day of fishing and hiking. 4 people will fish from 8-12 while 4 people will hike to Lynn Falls (5 mile loop with cascading waterfalls). All meet with the guides for lunch.The afternoon group will fish from 1-5 while the morning fishers will hike to Lynn Falls. There will 2 people fishing with 1 guide. 

                Sunday after a continental breakfast,  drive back to indy, leave around 9am and arrive indy around 3pm. Must buy a 3day fishing license, buy online for 40.50 per person. All fishing equipment is provided. Free Fly Fishing Lessons at Holiday Park outside on the lawn June 9, 2018 between 9am and 1pm. Exact location to tbd.

                All fishing equipment is provided. Gina Kiesler and Dennis Wright instructors.

                • 04 Aug 2018
                • 12 Aug 2018
                • Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks, WA

                Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks

                Backpacking Trip, Washington

                August 4-12, 2018 

                Trip Leaders: Dave Hoffmeyer and Cindy Durr

                Type of Trip:   Backpacking

                Cost: $450  +Airfare

                Cancellation Date and full payment: May 4, 2018

                Adults Only

                Maximum number: 12

                Minimum number: 8

                Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response            

                Difficulty: Strenuous, Rugged, 2500 Elevation Gain/Loss; 10 miles on one day

                We will spend our first day camping and day hiking at Mount Rainier. We will get close up view of this majestic peak as we explore the mountain flanks.

                The rest of our trip will be spent at Beautiful Olympic National Park. From the 7,980-foot summit of Mount Olympus, the Pacific Ocean shimmers in the distance, less than 33 miles west. Between the highest peak in the Olympic Mountain range and sea is a jumble of rugged peaks, whose shoulders are decorated with meadows and lakes. Below tree line, scattered subalpine forests give way to steep forested slopes ending in broad, U-shaped valleys. In all directions mountains and valleys radiate from Mount Olympus like spokes on a wheel. Olympic has 311 glaciers, compared to only 28 in Glacier National Park.

                We will spend the next two nights in a hostel day hiking the mile-high Hurricane Ridge Area and with an optional early morning guided sea kayak trip. The next 3 days will be spent hiking and camping in the Seven Lakes Wilderness area a high alpine area with spectacular views. The 2nd day will include a 2000 ft. elevation gain as we ascend to a 7000-ft. elevation. The Final 2 days of the trip will be hiking and camping on the Pacific Ocean. Rated the best beach hike in the country by Backpacker magazine.

                Daily Mileage will be no more than 10. Maximum elevation will be 7000 feet. Even though we are going during the “dry season”. It is the Pacific Northwest, so rain is always possible. We will be carrying Bear canisters as there are many in the area,

                We will have at least one practice hike to discuss the trip review gear and make sure that everyone is physically ready for the trip.

                • 24 Aug 2018
                • 26 Aug 2018
                • Morgan Monroe State Forest, Martinsville, IN 46151

                Tecumseh Trail - Gourmet Edition - Part Two

                Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

                August 24-26, 2018 

                Trip Leader: Leslie Green

                Type of Trip:   Backpacking 

                Cost: $50

                Cancellation Date and full payment: July 24, 2018

                Adults and High School Age Youth with experience

                Maximum number: 8

                Minimum number: 6

                Wilderness Level: 2 - Forest setting with EMS help likely being about an hour away           

                Difficulty: Moderate to Rugged - 10 miles per day

                Are you looking for a challenging backpacking trip contained within a weekend?  Do you love good meals on the trial?  Join up for the second of two parts of a through hike of the Tecumseh Trail, one of Indiana’s best long distance trails.  We will start at Indian Hill where we left off in June and hike through Brown County to the end of the trail.  We will overnight at the backcountry site on Indian Hill on Friday night.  On Saturday we will make our way across some of the prettiest parts of Brown County to end at Yellowwood State Forest where we will camp overnight in the campground.  Sunday will we tackle Scarce O’Fat ridge and the southbound hike to Crooked Creek near Lake Monroe.   Those who also hiked Part One of the hike will have completed the entire trail.

                Gourmet meals are an additional feature of this hike.  A barbeque chicken feast, cinnamon rolls & bacon and trail-baked deluxe brownies will be part of our menu.

                To complete the full trail, also sign up for the Tecumseh Trail Part One hike on June 29-July 1.   The fee covers camping fees, 2 gourmet campsite breakfasts, and 2 gourmet campsite dinners.  Participants will be responsible for trail lunches and snacks.


                • 08 Sep 2018
                • 16 Sep 2018
                • Boundary Waters, Superior National Forest, MN

                Boundary Waters  2018

                Superior National Forest, MN

                September 8-16, 2018 

                Trip Leaders: Bob Hart and Janice Windes

                Type of Trip:   Paddling and Sightseeing

                Cost: $540

                Cancellation Date and full payment: July 8, 2018

                Adults Only

                Maximum number: 8

                Minimum number: 7

                Wilderness Level: 4; Very remote; EMS may be more than a half day away              

                Difficulty: Intermediate (participants must be cleared by a Trip Leader to be qualified for this extended canoe trip)

                A Boundary Waters canoe trip is the ultimate wilderness adventure experience! Located in Minnesota and bordered by Canada, the Boundary Waters has over a million acres of clear lakes and deep green pine forests, and is unlike any other wilderness area in the world. There are hundreds of lakes to explore along with many species of wildlife, birds, fish and wildflowers. Traveling by canoe will allow us to get deep into this remote and scenic area more quickly than on foot. While this area can be rugged the route selected by your trip leaders should prove to be an enjoyable experience even if this is your first Boundary Water experience.

                Who Should Participate in this Trip:

                This trip will be suited for those new to the Boundary Waters or those with canoe tripping experience. However you should have some backcountry camping experience. At times we will be two days or more from a road access. You will

                need to be a good physical shape in order to carry weight over portages and be able camp in remote places over the better part of a week. See prerequisites below. If you want to experience wilderness travel at its best you’ll want to go canoe camping in the Boundary Waters. If needed, Introduction to Canoe Camping (June 9-10) can be your qualifying event.


                • Introduction to Canoe Camping or similar experience (check with leaders)
                • Ability to Carry 40-45 lb. Packs and Canoes Over Portages
                • A pre-trip meeting may be necessary to go over gear needs, packing requirements and trip logistics in general.

                Trip Content:

                Departure will be on Saturday morning, September 8, 2018. We will drive the club van all the way to Ely, MN in one day and stay at the outfitter the first night. We will spend about 6 days and 5 nights in the Superior National Forest canoeing and camping. Portages will be “2-pass” and participants should expect to carry packs and boats weighing in the 40-45 pound range. The average portage length in the Boundary Waters is about ¼ of a mile but anticipate the longest could approach one mile. Emphasis will be on exploring, scenery and camp life. Either upon arriving or after exiting, we will tour the town of Ely. And we may be able to stop at the Duluth Pack store in Duluth, MN. We’ll stay in a motel en route home. The planned return home date is flexible but either Saturday, September 15 or Sunday September 16.

                Trip Price Includes:

                Your trip price will include outfitter fees, bunkhouse, equipment rental, access permits, club van transportation expenses, the use of club gear, breakfast and dinner meals in camp, plus hotel accommodations on the way home.

                Trip Gear:

                At a minimum you should expect to bring a tent (the club may have a few to loan), sleeping bag and sleeping pad, a meal kit (plate / bowl / cup / utensils), spare clothes, rain gear and toiletries / meds. A whistle is a great safety items to have. Bring sun and bug protection including a wide brim hat. Also bring a headlamp or flashlight. A more detailed gear list to be announced.

                Trip Food:

                Bring your own lunches and snacks. Breakfasts and Dinners on the water will be group meals prepared together. If anyone has allergies or special needs just let the leaders know, we’ll try to make adjustments, if possible. While traveling to Ely, MN and returning home there will be meals on the road that will be the responsibility of each individual and are not included in the trip.


                • 14 Sep 2018
                • 9:00 AM
                • 16 Sep 2018
                • Red River Gorge, Kentucky

                Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip, Kentucky

                September 14-16, 2018 

                Trip Leaders: Sharon Williams and Lisa Forester

                Type of Trip:   Backpacking

                Cost: $105

                Cancellation Date and full payment: August 10, 2018

                Adults Only

                Maximum number: 8

                Minimum number: 7

                Wilderness Level: 4              

                Difficulty: Intermediate - elevation changes nd distances

                  This 3 day trip to Red River Gorge is an intermediate backpacking trip.  Campsites are first come first serve so we will plan to leave Indianapolis about 9am on Friday, September 14, from a carpool location TBD based upon participants who sign up.

                  The plan is to hike the Hidden Arches and Koomer Ridge trails to a back country primitive camp site (approx. 4-5 miles) located on the Rough Trail near Chimney Top Road.  This will be on Friday once we arrive at the park.  If time allows after setting up our camp, we can hike to Angel Windows to check out the view (approximately 4 miles or less round trip) before dinner.  The level of difficulty is a 5 out 5 but the scenery is also a 5 out of 5.  The highest elevation is at 1275 ft while the lowest elevation will be about 736 ft.

                  Saturday morning, we will pack up early and be out of the campsite by 10am and hike back to the van to then head to the parking area to hike the Auxier Ridge trail and setup camp for Saturday night.  We will then backpack to the campsites on the ridge to set up camp (approximately 3 miles one way).  Once we have setup camp, we can hike along the ridge to Courthouse Rock and back to prepare dinner and relax for the evening.  We will backpack to a campsite on fairly level ground but once we set up camp, we can hike to Courthouse Rock also on fairly level ground by staying on the ridge or we can hike the loop with elevation changes of approximately 1,000 ft.

                  Sunday morning we will pack up and hike back to the van (again, this is pretty level) and head to Miguel’s for pizza before heading home.  We should be able to arrive back in Indy by 7pm.  Sooner depending upon when we pack up and head back to the van Sunday morning and after lunch.

                  The trip fee includes transportation in the club van, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners on the trail and other fees. Meals in route and post hike at Miquel’s are at participant’s expense.

                  • 30 Sep 2018
                  • 06 Oct 2018
                  • Sylvania Wilderness, Porcupine Mountains State Park, Upper Penisula, MI

                  Sylvania Wilderness Canoeing and Porcupine Mountains State Park Sightseeing, Upper Peninsula, MI

                  Sunday, September 30 - Saturday, October 6, 2018 

                  Trip Leaders: Elden Hartman and Roger Coulter

                  Type of Trip:   Backpacking , Paddling and Sightseeing

                  Cost: $385

                  Cancellation Date and full payment: July 15, 2018

                  Adults and Teenagers, 14 or older with experience

                  Maximum number: 8

                  Minimum number: 7

                  Wilderness Level: 2               

                  Difficulty: Beginner to Moderate Level

                  • Hiking:
                    • 18 miles total possible (mostly optional) / 7 miles daily max (mostly optional) 
                    • Elevation Gain / Loss: Easy Trails in Sylvania Wilderness Moderate and Rugged Trails in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
                    • Moderate and Rugged Trails in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Easy Trails in Sylvania Wilderness
                  • Canoeing:
                    • 12 miles total possible (4 miles mandatory)8 miles daily max (optional)
                    • wearing PDF required when leader directs.
                    • Warm (above 65 degrees) calm waters – very little wind.
                    • Cool waters / slightly windy, waves up to one foot: Yes
                    • Challenges from wind & waves Possible
                    • Portages: Longest portage on the optional loop paddle trips would be .5 (1/2) mile. Most are .1 to .2 (one to two-tenths) of mile. Terrain on the portages is easy with very little elevation change.  

                  We will leave early on Sunday and drive approximately 10 hours to the 60,000 acre Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park near Ontonagon, MI, bordering Lake Superior. We will spend three nights in an 8 bed (4 bunk beds) log cabin, without electricity or water, but with a wood stove and outhouse, about a mile hike from the road-side parking area. During our two full days at Porcupine Mountains, we will do some optional hiking of trails ranging from 2 to 8 miles in length, rated moderate to rugged. The scenery from the trails in the park is astounding.  On Wednesday morning, we will drive about 60 miles to the 18,000 acre Sylvania Wilderness near Watersmeet, MI. Sylvania Wilderness is part of Ottawa National Forest and features beautiful and pristine old growth forests, 34 lakes and 25 miles of hiking trails and portage trails.  After arriving, and getting our canoeing gear, we will paddle about one-mile from the boat landing to our two adjacent campsites on Clark Lake. We will do some optional hikes or canoeing loops in our three days there, and enjoy a side trip one day to the WI Northwoods resort town of Eagle River, WI, and a nice restaurant meal that evening before heading back to our campsites. We will leave early Saturday morning after breaking camp, and paddling to the landing. All meals and snacks will be provided, except for meals on the road going to Porcupine Mountains (lunch) and coming home from Sylvania Wilderness (breakfast and lunch), and lunch and dinner the day we go to Eagle River, WI and back.  The night-time low temperatures could be in the 30s or 40’s, with day-time highs in the 50’s and 60’s. 

                  • 13 Oct 2018
                  • 20 Oct 2018
                  • Roan Highlands, Appalachian Trail, TN/NC

                  Appalachian Trail - Roan Highlands

                  Tennessee/North Carolina

                  October 13-20, 2018 

                  Trip Leaders: Leslie Green and Daniel Harrell

                  Type of Trip:   Backpacking 

                  Cost: $300

                  Cancellation Date and full payment: July 13, 2018

                  Adults Only

                  Maximum number: 8

                  Minimum number: 7

                  Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response              

                  Difficulty: Rugged - up to 10 miles per day with large elevation gain and loss

                  This classic Appalachian Trail hike will be one to remember.  We start in trail town, Erwin Tennessee and snake along the Tennessee, North Carolina border for 50 miles. On the way we will:

                  We are taking a relatively slow pace with distances of 7-10 miles per day so we can enjoy the views and the experiences along the trail. However, there will be significant elevation gains and losses throughout the hike, so good conditioning will be necessary.

                  Price includes transportation in club van, hostel fees for three nights, 8 meals on the trail, shuttles and other supplies.  You’ll be responsible for meals on the road and at the hostels.  Practice hikes and a possible overnight conditioning trip will be planned by the group.

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